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Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai – entrust this matter to professionals. We will choose for you a reliable company with a good reputation, who will rent you a motorbike with a manual gear or rent you a scooter with an automatic transmission in Chiang Mai (Thailand).

We specialize in the monthly rental of motorbikes in Chiang Mai, but we can also choose a reliable company that will rent you a motorbike or scooter for any required period. The cost of our services is free. You do not pay us a single cent. Our services are paid by a company that rents bikes.

monthly motorbike rental chiang mai

Feel free to contact us. Be sure – we will never advise you on a company that causes at least the slightest doubt. We recommend only reliable and trusted motorcycle rental companies in Chiang Mai. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

UPD: Please do not forget that to drive a motorbike in Thailand, you must have an international driving permit. Riding a motorcycle without an international driver’s license in Thailand is fined 400 baht.

Monthly Motorbike Rental in Chiang Mai

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